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Anonymous Asked: what is genderneutral? sorry i dont understand :/

There’s no need to apologise! I’m perfectly happy to explain it to you~ :]

Many different people have their own view on genderneutral.

What genderneutral means to me is that I can wear what ever I want, act how I want and be who I want without putting myself into a gender stereotype. It also to me makes me feel very comfortable with who I am, I wear my hair styled and a dress one day, then have short hair and wear a binder and boxers the next- for me this is comfort and it’s how I like to live life!

Hope I helped~

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OMG  its like Santana is having a panic attack so Britt does the one thing she know will solve it. Kissing her.  So she does, and that one kiss fixes everything.. she just stops time… she makes everything better and suddenly Santana is okay again..  THIS IS SO PERFECT

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Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.

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Yes, fiction is


Just a bunch of 


Silly, useless, crap. 


You’re so right.


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